Puteri Harbour Hotspot 

  • Puteri Harbour is a relatively small area that takes less than 45 minutes to navigate on foot.
  • It has all the hallmarks of Sentosa Cove Singapore except that its properties are FIVE TIMES LOWER in cost.
  • The closest properties to Jen Hotel are Somerset, Encorp Marina and Imperia.
  • The closest property to the ferry terminal is Southern Marina.
  • None of these properties has attained a high level of demand or occupancy.
  • Teega Residences and Suites are relatively more popular at around 35 percent occupancy rate.
  • Puteri Harbour’s growth and, to a large extent, the rest of Iskandar Malaysia is hindered by a lack of efficient connectivity with Singapore. The RTS and HSR will resolve this issue but such projects can take years to complete.
  • Waterways transport presents an effective and viable solution, although limited by capacity, to spearhead much-needed growth especially for Puteri Harbour area.
  • A large parking space at the terminal has been constructed in anticipation of the increasing volume of daily commuters into Singapore.
  • Puteri Harbour has a functional international ferry terminal that is awaiting final docking rights to Singapore Harbourfront.
  • In the interim, this area retains its tranquility amid empty car parks and an ample supply of properties.

Future Puteri Harbour Hotspot

  • Will the ferry service to Singapore Harbourfront commence and when?
  • Will commuters make a permanent shift to water as their primary mode of transport into Singapore?

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.