Puteri Harbour

Critical factors that will influence future price and demand for properties in Puteri Harbour are:

  • Ferry connectivity with Singapore Harbourfront.
  • Waterway as an alternative mode of transport that links with JB CIQ, Danga Bay and Tuas Link.

Puteri Harbour Forecast

  • Puteri Harbour has not leveraged its most prized asset and an immigration checkpoint – The international ferry terminal.
  • It was intended to connect directly to Singapore Harbourfront, bypassing the infamous traffic congestion around the Tuas link.
  • The Singapore Harbourfront landing point is home to its financial district with some of the highest real estate prices in Singapore.
  • The reason for the delay of this service is similar to the delay of all proposed transport links to Singapore – RTS, HSR and Waterway taxi.
  • The Malaysian authority’ decision-making processes tend to be “whether the ticket price will cover the operating cost”.
  • This way of thinking misses out the bigger picture:  efficient connectivity with Singapore will spur consumerism and GDP in the form of tourism, spanning a host of industries from F&B, local transport operators, accommodation right through to real estate.
  • The multiplier effect is enormous, given the strength of the SGD, and Puteri Harbour boasts everything that Singaporeans desire, including free fresh air.
  • Puteri Harbour’s growth and, to a large extent, the rest of Iskandar Malaysia, is hindered by a lack of efficient connectivity with Singapore.

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.