Our Investment Philosophy

  • Future Price and Rental outcome are the two most critical elements needed for a property investment decision.
  • Forecasting demand, supply, hotpots, macro/micro economic factors and sentiment that influence the 2 elements lie at the heart of our work.
  • Research and Insights form the foundation to support our forecast.


  • Future price and rental outcome when matched with current price are the core elements to determine total investment return.
  • This mind-set, devoid of emotions, form the basis to identify properties with the highest potential returns.


  • Census and not sampling data form the basis of uncompromising research to systematically track Iskandar Malaysia.
  • Actual-on-site visit to each property is done as part of fieldwork since Value is influenced foremost by its proximity to hotspots, surroundings, demographic make-up as well as its construction quality, design and layout.


  • Online research and showrooms alone are unreliable resource for forecasting. On the contrary, dream-like images and interior design often musk the actual hand-over product and cloud our emotions when making an investment decision.


  • Forecasting lies at the heart of our work. Uncompromising research, on-the-ground site visit and latest insights continuously feed into our forecast outlook.
  • Forecasting is not exact science. Factors outside our control, especially political disruption can often derail even the most cautious of our outlook.


  • Keep close to our website and follow us on social media to receive the latest Forecast. Join us in our journey to unravel the top property investment as your views contribute to our insight as we unlock the future together.