Medini Location

  • Medini’s ‘Special Economic Zone’ status, allowing foreign ownership of properties without any pricing restrictions, encouraged developers to target the vast and untapped segment of middle/lower-income Singaporeans living in tiny HDB apartments.
  • 80 percent of Singaporeans currently live in these HDB flats and, while most have largely paid off their loans on the properties, they now face the grim prospect of any value accrued over the years vanishing – thanks to the dreaded “end of 99-year leasehold” rule.
  • Singapore banks are already reluctant to offer loans on properties over 40 to 50-year-old, which means HDB leasehold owners should plan to move while their homes still retain some value.
  • The first residential property, Afiniti, a joint venture between the Malaysian and Singaporean governments, was launched in 2013 and was an overnight success, leading to a further 13 properties being developed in quick succession.
  • Global tourist attraction Legoland Malaysia Resort and first-class healthcare provider Gleneagles Medini Hospital were among the first commercial projects in Medini.
  • When the Singapore government permitted its Central Provident Fund (CPF) to be used for healthcare in the Johor hospital, it signalled that Medini would provide a potential solution to concerns over rising healthcare costs among Singapore’s ageing population.
  • Relocation of the elderly to Iskandar (Medini) would resolve healthcare costs as well as the “end of lease” HDB problems. The elderly could monetise their HDB gains earlier and enjoy a higher quality of life in Medini.
  • There are 13 developments in Medini. Citrine and The Grid are in the Sunway Iskandar locale. Afiniti and D’Pristine are closest to the Mall of Medini. The rest are dotted throughout the impressive locale.

Medini Hotspots

  • There are two potential hotspots in the making.
  • The number one hotspot would be the Mall of Medini, which is the entrance to world-famous tourist attraction Legoland and a 5-minute walk to Gleneagles Hospital. It is also a major pick-up point on Causeway Bus CW3 to Singapore’s Jurong Point.
  • The second is Sunway Iskandar, a newly developed township closer to the Tuas Second link.
  • Currently, neither qualifies as a HOTSPOT as they have not ignited the demand commonly associated with this status.
  • Both locales have pros and cons and deserve coverage in the next article:

Future Medini Hotspot

  • Mall of Medini vs Sunway Iskandar. Who will win?

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.