Johor RTS is based in JB CIQ, the gateway into Singapore and is regarded as the hottest hotspot among the eight areas of Iskandar Malaysia.

  • More than 350,000 commuters, mainly Malaysians work in Singapore making it the busiest cross border traffic in the world.
  • At weekends, Singaporeans with second homes and those heading across for some retail therapy all add an estimated 150,000 to the congestion.
  • Properties closest to the entry point attract the highest sale and rental prices, making the CIQ gateway a prime location hotspot that surpasses all other hotspots in each of the eight areas that make up Iskandar Malaysia.

Johor RTS in JB CIQ area

  • Tri Tower and Suasana share the coveted top spot of being closest to the CIQ hub – a four-minutes walk to the hub
  • R&F Princess Cove is the largest and most prominent landmark, offering a mix of residential, retail and upcoming hotel, office and clubhouse services. It is connected to the CIQ hub via a covered bridge – a seven-minute walk.
  • Skysuites, VSummerplace and Sky Habitat are equidistance to Johor RTS and enjoys all the convenience of the nearby R&F Mall.
  • These properties are priced 20-25 percent lower than R&F Princess Cove and Tri Tower. It’s around a 12-minute walk to the CIQ.
  • Paragon Suites is also close to the CIQ hub, but a busy junction en route to the CIQ hub means it’s a 20-minute walk away.

Future JB CIQ Hotspots

Three upcoming projects that may shift the epicentre of this property hotspot are:

  • The RTS at Bukit Chagar
  • Coronation Park, which promises direct linkage via a bridge.
  • The R&F prime land bank development, with its vision of a truly integrated living and working environment.

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.