JB Inner City Price – Feb 2020

  • The median price was RM723,128
  • Measured in price per square foot, it was RM599psf.

Annual Price Change: Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

  • JB Inner City prices declined by an average of 9.4 percent.
  • The largest decline was recorded for Summerscape, Grandview 360 and Setia Sky 88.
  • Citywoods and Sky Habitat recorded the highest price increase.

6-month Price Change: Sept 2019 to Feb 2020

  • JB Inner City prices declined by an average of 9.1 percent.
  • The largest decline was recorded for Botanika, Grandview 360, Crescent Bay View and Epic Residences
  • Marginal price increase was recorded for Seasons Luxury Residences and Paragon Residences.

Top and Bottom 3 Prices

  • The costliest properties were Astaka, Straits View 18 and Summerscape at above RM1.4 million.
  • The least costly properties were Aman Larkin (formerly Scott Tower), Larkin Heights and Crescent Bay Suites at below RM370,000.
  • Properties with the highest psf were Astaka, The Straits, Southkey Mosaic and SKS Pavillion at above RM800psf
  • Properties with lowest psf were recorded for Aman Larkin, Larkin Heights and Epic Residences at below RM410psf.


  • SKS Habitat recorded an increase and is common trend among properties that had just been completed. Property owners tend to raise a minimum of around 15 percent from purchase price.
  • JB Inner City has several suburbs with vastly differing price ranges. The largest suburb, Larkin is on the ‘lower price range’. The highest price range are those closest to JB CIQ area concentrated along the New York Hotel area. The mid-range ones are around Thistle Hotel while the Taman Bayu suburb has properties that started on the high-end and rapidly adjusted towards mid-range.
  • For areas like JB Inner City with a diverse range of properties, the ‘median psf’ and price movement do not often represent the overall price scenario. Readers are advised to deep dive into each suburb on JB Inner City HOTSPOT page and to view the Census list to get the full coverage.

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.