JB Outer City Forecast

JB Outer City has 4 main clusters – Taman Molek, Austin, Setia Tropika and Skudai.

Critical factors that will influence the future price and demand for properties in Taman Molek are:

  • Japanese loyalty to this suburb
  • Specialised Japanese real estate agents with deep links to MNCs.

Taman Molek

  • Taman Molek will likely retain its stronghold as the location of choice for the Japanese expat community. Their choice of location is largely influenced by Japanese agents who have deep links with their Japanese MNC counterpart and their recommendations carry a lot of weight.
  • There are several Japanese MNCs with a regular flow of expats and they tend to stay within their comfort zone by using agents who are fellow citizens.
  • The Molek Pine properties, which house over 70 percent of this group, will likely retain its hotspot status and the Japanese presence in other newer developments such as Senibong Cove and  The WaterEdge is most probably a ‘spillover’ rather than a trend away from the traditional stronghold.
  • Taman Molek’s strategic location, with multiple access points to the Pasir Gudang Highway, the EDL and proximity to NSK, Pandan market, Ikea/Aeon/Toppen combo will likely be able to counter any threat from newer developments with modern features.

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