jb inner city census

JB Inner City

JB Inner City is the NEXT closest area to the CIQ hotspot but not within 15-minute walking distance.
  • View the Census List to get the best reference and not geographic boundary.
  • It has 4 main clusters within a 3km radius to the CIQ epicentre.
jb inner city census

Jb Inner City Location


JB INNER CITY Price 2020 Q3

JB Inner City Price|

Johor Property: JB Inner City Median prices rose by 12 percent year-on-year to RM595psf. Taman Bayu properties exhibit uneven change with a big price increase for Wave Marina Cove and Botanika while Grandview 360 declined the most year-on-year. Larkin



JB INNER CITY Hotspot 2020 Q3

JB Inner City Hotspot|

Location Review JB Inner City consists of three main clusters: Larkin, Inner City and Taman Bayu towards Permas. View the Census for the full listing. Part 1: Inner City Hotspot Properties that are easily accessible (via public transport) to the CIQ hub


JB INNER CITY Forecast 2020 Q3

JB Inner City Forecast|

JB INNER CITY FORECAST JB Inner City has 3 main clusters – Larkin, New York Hotel/City and Taman Bayu suburb. Larkin Critical factors that will influence future price and demand for Larkin properties are: Larkin Sentral retains its hotspot as


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