JB Inner City Location

This is part 3 of JB Inner City Hotspot Review. JB Inner City has 3 main clusters: Larkin, New York Hotel/City area and Taman Bayu.

Part 3: Taman Bayu Suburb

  • Taman Bayu locale has 5 properties Botanika, Crescent Bay, Grandview 360, Marina Residences and nearby Marina Cove.
  • These properties sprouted during the heat of the property boom when the RTS was sealed and they latched on the EDL highway to claim a 7-min journey to the CIQ. During this phase, JB CIQ and JB Inner City had already begun the race, making 7 minutes a relatively long journey.
  • “Water taxi” via Tebrau Coast to bypass the infamous congestion along the Permas Jaya bridge unto CIQ area has been mooted and can potentially be a game-changer in a race to be ever faster to the CIQ finishing line.

Future JB Inner City – Taman Bayu Hotspot

  • This suburb has no hotspot but will the ‘water-taxi’ narrative become a reality and springboard this locale to hotspot status overnight?
  • New highway or rail lines can take years to complete but ‘water-way’ can be done overnight with a simple platform and off the shelf ferry/hovercraft at a fraction of the cost. Will it happen?
  • The Iskandar Waterfront Holdings master plan has mooted ‘waterway taxi’ to the JB CIQ area and connectivity with Changi Airport Singapore. Should such an initiative move ahead, these access points can potentially be a significant hotspot that will benefit Taman Bayu properties.

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.