Location Review

  • JB Inner city is diverse comprising of 3 main clusters: Larkin, Inner City and Taman Bayu towards Permas. View the Census for full listing.

Part 1: Inner City Hotspot

  • Properties that are most accessible via public transport to the CIQ hub displayed higher occupancy rate.
  • The main Tebrau highway (opposite Pejabat Polis Kontijen) and Jalan Sultan Ismail (Hospital Aminah) are popular pick-up points to JB Sentral. They qualify as hotspots and is a ‘spillover’ to the CIQ narrative.
  • The properties closest to the former are Astaka, SKS Pavillion, SetiaSky88 and Pinnacle Towers.
  • The properties closest to ‘Hospital Aminah’ pick up point are Golden Sands and Citywood. The locale has become a popular parking lot for commuters who carry on their journey to JB Sentral via local buses.
  • Other properties in the vicinity are Paragon Residences and the upcoming Veranda. Watch out for Lido Residences, if it materialises in Danga Bay area.

Next: Part 2 Larkin and Part 3 Taman Bayu suburb will be reviewed in the next post.

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