JB Inner City has 3 main clusters – Larkin, New York Hotel/City and Taman Bayu suburb.


Critical factors that will influence future price and demand for Larkin properties are:

  • Larkin Sentral retains its hotspot as a major local and interstate transport hub.
  • Property prices match the middle-lower income socio-demographic.

JB Inner City – Larkin Forecast 

  • Larkin Sentral, the main bus terminal in JB, will likely retain its hotspot status up to 2025.
  • Beyond that, we expect that the completion of the RTS at Bukit Chagar will have an adverse impact on Larkin Sentral.
  • It is highly probable that Bukit Chagar will be a major transport hub where an interstate and local bus terminal will co-locate with RTS into Singapore.
  • Such an arrangement will provide commuters with seamless connectivity and may undermine the popularity of Larkin Sentral.
  • In the interim, newer properties such as M Condo, SKS Habitat, Seasons Luxury and Aman Larkin (formerly Scott Tower Larkin) will likely enjoy good take-up rates from nearby upgraders.
  • Huge numbers of people live in dilapidated ‘Pangsapuri’ (see photo) and they are likely to make this long-awaited shift.

We are constantly updating this area’s DEMAND and SUPPLY, location review in HOTSPOT and future PRICES in our FORECAST section.