Iskandar Malaysia Top hotspot – Johor RTS 

Review of 8 areas of hotspots within Iskandar Malaysia that includes Johor RTS in JB CIQ area

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Iskandar Malaysia hotspot review

  • The most significant hotspot in Iskandar region is the site for the upcoming Johor RTS that links Singapore Woodlands to Bukit Chagar in JB CIQ area.
  • Iskandar region is unique in that properties that are closest or most convenient to public transport pick-up points to Singapore consistently display higher occupancy and elevated market price.
  • A large proportion of city dwellers who work in Singapore commute via public transport rather than drive-in, due to restrictive toll charges and exorbitant parking rates in Singapore.
  • They value properties with convenient access points to CIQ building and Tuas 2nd link and are willing to pay elevated rental and purchase prices for those locations. This includes the upcoming Johor RTS locale.
  • Many developers, including Kuala Lumpur based ones, overlook this critical demographic trait that high-income earners in JB may not even own a car.
  • These humble motorcyclists and regular bus commuters have higher earner power than a local bungalow dweller with several cars.
  • JB CIQ area is distinct from JB Inner City as the former is within 15-minute walking distance to CIQ hub.
  • The upcoming Forest City has the potential to ‘whitewash’ the Iskandar Puteri area once the waterway transport link to Singapore gets the go-ahead. The only consideration left is the price.


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