• The CIQ building, the gateway into Singapore is widely reported to be the busiest border crossing in the world. More than 300,000 commuters, mainly Malaysians who work in Singapore ply the route daily. Weekend Singaporean, with 2nd homes and shoppers, add to the congestion.
  • Properties closest to the CIQ command among the highest price and rental making the CIQ gateway a prime hotspot that surpasses all hotspots in each of the 8 areas that make up Iskandar Malaysia.

JB CIQ Location

  • Tri Tower and Suasana share a coveted top spot of having the shortest walking distance to the CIQ hub. Approximately 4-minute walk.
  • R&F Princess Cove is the largest and most prominent landmark offering an integrated mix of residential, retail and upcoming hotel, offices and clubhouse services. It is connected to the CIQ via a covered bridge. Approximately 7-minute walk.
  • Skysuites, V Summerplace and Sky Habitat are equidistant to the CIQ and enjoy all the conveniences of the R&F Mall across a road. They are 20-25 percent lower in price than R&F Princess Cove and Tri Tower. Approximately 12-minute walk.
  • Paragon Suites is close to the back entrance of CIQ by ‘straight line distance’ but walking time is lengthened due to the challenging junction towards the CIQ hub. Approximately 15-minute walk.
  • The upcoming properties are Twin Tower Residence and other dormant ones are Mid West and Causeway Regency near Suasana.

Future JB CIQ Hotspot

3 upcoming projects that may shift the epicentre of the hotspot are:

  • The RTS at Bukit Chagar and its entrance.
  • The Coronation Park that promises direct linkage via a bridge.
  • The R&F remaining prime land bank development that promises a truly integrated live and work environment.

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