Whichever angle you look at it, a Singapore HDB leasehold property will lose its entire value upon maturity. There is a barrage of online discussion on Potential time-bomb for HDB lease expiry, The great HDB lease decay debate, Decaying HDB lease, myth or realty? and Singapore governments ‘solution’ in the form of VERS, SERS, Lease-Buy-Back-Scheme but they all point to the same destiny :

That HDB flats is not an investment asset and dont expect capital appreciate at the end of the tunnel.

Freehold status properties is a viable alternation but a well quoted stats is that 80 per cent of Singapore land is leasehold. A 2 bedroom freehold average SGD1.2M and require the purchaser to have an estimated SGD 7000+ monthly salary to afford one.

Many overlooked that Iskandar Malaysia is a viable solution to this problem. The majority of properties at the ‘northern border’ are freehold status and at least 3 times lower cost. Prime JB CIQ area, where properties are within 15 minutes walking distance to the CIQ hub, the future RTS, is less than SGD 330psf or RM1000psf. In contracts, leasehold private properties in Singapore Woodlands has a median price of SGD 850psf.

At the 2nd causeway link Tuas, Forest City is priced in the same range of SGD300-350psf while Bukit Indah precinct is lower at SGD 200-220psf. The only drawback is that foreigners are eligible for properties above RM1M or SGD 330K and above.