Danga Bay Location 

  • Danga Bay is a prime sea frontal land facing Singapore located 2km from the CIQ.
  • Under the Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Masterplan, the area where Tune Hotel sits, is earmarked to be an international financial centre of the South putting it in the same league as KLCC Twin Tower.
  • China based Country Garden made its debut in Malaysia in 2014 erecting 9000 residential units at the heart of the area.
  • This spurred another fortune 500 company Greenland to add further stock to the area.
  • During the property down cycle from 2017, Tropicana continued to reclaim large tracks of land, stamping a mark of confidence in this area.
  • Tropez and Bora Residences lie along the coastline while Twin Danga and Laguna Heights are in the mainland.
  • Country Garden’s scale has enabled it to develop its retail sector, Beletime, drawing Aeon as its anchor tenant. Its occupancy is gradually growing faster than other properties in the area making it a formidable upcoming hotspot.

Future Danga Bay Hotspot

  • Will Iskandar Waterfront Holdings follow through with its masterplan to develop the International Finance and Commerce Centre?
  • What was Tropicana thinking when they continued to reclaim the massive amount of land despite Country Garden presence?

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